Terms and Conditions for SaveMyLight International Ltd

Shipping & Delivery

1) Free UK P+P, if applicable, applies to mainland UK and Northern Ireland.

2) We ship internationally excluding Russia – please continue through to checkout for pricing.

3) We have no collection facilities available at present.

4) SaveMyLight International Ltd always sends items via insured, tracked delivery with a signature being requested upon arrival.

4a) SaveMyLight International Ltd always obtains and keeps proof of postage for all items dispatched.

4b) Items are posted the same day, if not, the next working day. Excluding weekends and bank holidays. Cut off times apply.

4c) Couriers do not deliver on weekends or bank holidays nor do we offer a weekend delivery service. Orders placed on a Friday after the cut off time will be dispatched the next working day.

5) SaveMyLight International Ltd uses Royal Mail for UK items and Fedex for large, valuable UK items and all international orders.

5a) The delivery agents are responsible for ensuring the delivery.

6) SaveMyLight International Ltd will not be held responsible for postal delay however caused, damage or for loss of goods in transit under any circumstances.

6a) SaveMyLight International Ltd do not replace damaged or missing items sent using Royal Mail until their fifteen working day policy has elapsed.

7) Should an item dispatched not arrive we will assist the buyer to make a claim against the relevant delivery company.

8) It is the buyer’s responsibility to inform us if the item has not arrived within seven days of purchasing.

9) SaveMyLight International Ltd will replace confirmed faulty items however we must be advised of any faulty goods upon receipt of the item.

9a) Should we be unable to replace a faulty item we will offer a full refund.

10) All customers have a legal right to change their mind and return a product for a full refund during the Cancellation Period unless the goods have been fitted or used.
The Cancellation Period is fourteen days from the day after receiving your order.
This excludes CUSTOM or SPECIAL order items. We do NOT refund purchases after the Cancellation Period.
Customers must contact us on 0871 288 266 0 to register their return.

11) We will not be held responsible by the purchaser for returned items that are lost, damaged or sent to an incorrect returns address during the Returns procedure and we recommend all items are sent by some type of tracked delivery.

11a) It is the purchasers responsibility to pay for the return postage costs and to make sure that the item reaches us in the same condition as dispatched.

12) All Transformers sold by SaveMyLight International Ltd are brand new, tested and guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase against faulty components and workmanship.

12a) All Transformers are security marked.

13) Transformers that are returned to us for testing that are forgotten about, not dealt with, surcharge or return postage unpaid will be disposed of after 28 days from the date of receipt and the sales log for that purchase closed.

Returns & Replacements

I have changed my mind regarding the purchase and require a refund? (During the Cancellation Period)

In the first instance customers must contact us to register a return on 0871 288 266 0.
We will only refund a purchase (excluding custom or special order items) within the first fourteen days beginning with the day after the day on which the goods are delivered.
This excludes items that have been fitted or used.
We do NOT refund purchases after fourteen days.

What happens if my item is not working correctly?

It is extremely rare for a transformer to arrive to a customer faulty.
Unfortunately it does happen, although it can seem a transformer appears faulty when infact the fault lies within the light fitting.
This is why we ask that all electrical products purchased from SaveMyLight International Ltd in accordance with the guarantee are fitted by a qualified electrician.
All we ask is that the customer informs us of possible faulty goods upon arrival.
Once we have been notified we ask that the item is returned to us.
Once received the item will be logged and security checked and then passed to the Test Team for inspection and testing.
Due to the technical nature of electronic transformers we do not replace suspected faulty transformers until deemed faulty by our electronics test team.

Do you notify me when you receive my item?

Yes. We will contact you by email or telephone when:-

 the item has been received,
 when the item has been inspected,

 the result, and
 if a new item has been dispatched.

How long will it take to receive a replacement item?

If an item is deemed ‘faulty’ we aim to have a replacement sent out to you within 3 working days from receipt of the item, but this is entirely down to the Test Team's inspection time.
We understand some buyers need a replacement item in a hurry and we will do everything we can to chase their item.
We cannot force the Test Team to work any quicker or bump the item up in their queue, so please do not ask us.
The Test Team's decision is FINAL.

Can I have a refund instead of a replacement for the faulty item? (After the Cancellation Period)

We will only exchange the item for the same model originally ordered. (or like for like basis)

What if a replacement item is not available?

We will offer the buyer a full refund of the price paid.

Will my postage be refunded if I send an item back to you?

We do not refund buyer's return postage. The buyer is responsible for the return cost.

Am I responsible for the return of the goods in a satisfactory condition?

Yes. The buyer will be under a duty to return the goods to us and also to take reasonable care of them. This duty ends when the buyer (at their own expense) has returned the goods to us. This includes any original packaging such as cardboard boxes and included accessories that the electrical products were supplied in or with. These are required so that we can resell the items to another customer. Returned items that show clear evidence of fitment marks, scratches or any other type of fitment will be refused.
The buyer is also under an obligation to return the goods to us if they wish to cancel.
Should the buyer refuse or unreasonably fail to comply with a request for a return of the goods, then the buyer's obligation to retain or take reasonable care of the goods continues until the goods are delivered back to us.

Do I pay to receive my replacement item?

No - If the item was faulty you do NOT pay postage.

What happens if I fail to collect my goods or Customs refuse entry and the goods are returned by the delivery company?

When the goods are returned to us by Royal Mail we retest the goods to ensure no damage has occurred and request from the customer a second shipping fee to redispatch. We do not return goods free of charge.
If the goods are returned by Fedex Courier then the return charge (which is the cost of the original outbound shipment) and the cost to resend the goods will apply. In effect two shipping fees will become payable.

I have fitted the goods yet my light fitting is still not working?

Regrettably due to the nature of the products we sell we are unable to accept returns from customers who have fitted products to their light fitting/s.
We understand customers wish to repair their light fitting however fitted products which may show signs of fitment and can be unintentionally damaged by a light fitting fault are classed as secondhand products which we are unable to sell on as new to another customer.
Products must be returned to us, unfitted, in their original condition, without cosmetic damage including all original packaging.
Customers should understand that SaveMyLight International Ltd is not a Buy & Try Service.


1) All transformers MUST be fitted by a qualified Electrician in keeping with the guarantee and by ticking the checkbox at checkout confirms you agree to this.

2) Should SaveMyLight International Ltd suspect a transformer has been deliberately damaged through incorrect fitting or tampering we may request documentation to confirm correct installation.

3) Any purchaser who attempts to modify, disassemble or repair a purchased transformer, makes modifications to the associated light fitting or the power supply, damages the primary or secondary safety fuse which causes damage to the transformer will render the guarantee void.

4) Any purchaser who removes the warranty sticker from the transformer will render the guarantee as void.

5) Power surges, spikes, short circuits, brownouts, irregular voltage, the product's safety cut out (SCO), momentary electricity disruption (transient fault), electricity disconnection, lightning strikes, adverse weather conditions, electrical trees, electro magnetic interference (EMI) which damage a transformer are not covered by the guarantee as these are deemed to be forces beyond the manufacturers control.

6) SaveMyLight International Ltd is not responsible nor offers compensation or reimbursement of any financial expenses the buyer suffers as a result of an item being ‘faulty’ or by a delay in the delivery of the goods however so caused.

Payment, Pricing & Promotions

We accept Paypal Instant Payment and various Debit and Credit Cards via Global Payment or payment by telephone.

We do not accept Paypal E Cheques and some Maestro cards. 

Requests for copy invoices are charged at £5.00 and can be posted, faxed or emailed.

Account customers may place their order by email, fax, letter or telephone.

Should a customer not settle an invoice within 30 days or we have to chase for any payment owed we will charge the following in attempting to seek settlement of any outstanding balance:-

£10.00 for each telephone call made.
£10.00 for each letter written.

Should the amount remain outstanding after repeated attempts the matter will be passed to our in house legal advisor who will proceed to issue legal proceedings to recover the amount owing.
A £100.00 charge will become due to cover administration costs and will be added to any court claim.
Account customers will have their account placed on stop until the funds have been paid in full. We also have the right to terminate an account for repeated failures to settle on time.

Should an account customer place a special / custom made order for a product/s and subsequently cancels, the balance will remain due and we will pass on any costs incurred including costs incurred by the manufacturer to the customer for payment
Our contract for any special / custom made items is with the person or company who placed the order and is not with any third party. Should the third party cancel the order then the person or company who placed the order with us is still under contract to pay any balance owed.
We cannot be held responsible for any third party cancellation as this is beyond our control.

Our staff will not tolerate abusive customers or customers making any type of threat/s, insinuations or accusations of wrongdoing in any type of communication.
Customers being abusive or making threats by telephone will result in the telephone call being terminated.
SaveMyLight International Ltd has the right to cancel any purchase made by any customer without giving any reason.
Any customer (post purchase) who uses threats to demand what they require will have their sale cancelled and guarantee voided.
Our staff should not have to suffer or deal with customers in fear. This type of behaviour is unacceptable and SaveMyLight International Ltd will not tolerate it under any circumstances.

Any customer who files a chargeback with their bank or 3rd party provider and knowingly fails to return goods will be liable to recovery proceedings.
Any customer who files a chargeback is liable for the chargeback themselves and not the chargeback or 3rd party provider.

Reasons for a chargeback include and is not limited to:

  • avoid paying a retesting charge
  • the returns time limit period had expired
  • does not wish to follow the returns procedure or is too cumbersome
  • does not wish to return the goods due to cost or is impatient.
If the chargeback amount is not repaid legal proceedings will be issued without warning to recover any amount owed and the charges above due with any costs we incur.

A customer who files a chargeback without a genuine reason under Consumer Law is liable for the chargeback and not the chargeback institution or 3rd party.
Should SaveMyLight International Ltd believe a chargeback is fraudulent proceedings to recover any losses will be issued immediately and without warning.

Customers should be aware that filing a chargeback and making no attempt to return the goods is called 'Friendly Fraud' - the very definition of stealing and SaveMyLight International Ltd will pursue customers filing false, convenience or illegitimate chargebacks to secure a refund.

Additional Information

Safety Cut Out (SCO)

When an electronic lighting transformer fails there has to be a reason why. It is not always a case of ordering a replacement and the light fitting will work again. Sometimes the original transformer causes damage to the light fitting that cannot be seen just by looking at the light. Sometimes the damage is internal.

All transformers purchased from SaveMyLight International Ltd are brand new and are tested by the manufacturer before being sent to us. Upon arrival our electronics test team bench test each transformer before despatch.

With every order a Guidance Sheet is provided and MUST be handed to the electrician prior to fitting. Please DO NOT dispose of the Guidance Notes.
Should a customer order an electronic lighting transformer and then state that it does not work and is sure the fault is not the SCO, (Safety Cut Out) we will ask for the transformer to be returned to us for testing.

Once tested we will give the customer the result. If confirmed faulty a second transformer will be sent to the customer free of charge.
If a transformer is not faulty or the issue is SCO, (Safety Cut Out) the customer will need to pay a retesting and returns postage charge to receive the transformer back. Currently £10.00 and 12.00 Euros for International customers. The reason for this charge is the extended testing the transformer goes through to confirm all aspects of the transformer are again working correctly. Testing takes around three hours.

Should the customer state that the second transformer also does not work we will not send any further transformers until a diagnostics test has been carried out on the light fitting by a qualified electrician and the results sent to us. Should it be necessary the replacement transformer may have to be sent back to us.

We do not keep sending transformers to customers as it ends up becoming a cycle of transformers being sent out and returned, which costs the buyer and seller expense.

Once the lighting fault has been determined a final transformer will be dispatched.

Email Communication

Emails that we send to a customer in the course of business are private and confidential and are intended solely for the intended recipient.
If you are the intended recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing, forwarding, dissemination or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is prohibited.
It is strictly forbidden to share any contents of a message with any third party, including review sites without written consent of SaveMyLight International Ltd.

A breach of contract will be deemed to have occured should the recipient disclose the contents of any email received.
SaveMyLight International Ltd will pursue civil action against any person/s or company who disclose private email communication to any third party or public domain without the consent of SaveMyLight International Ltd.